LogTag® Analyzer Software

Key Features:
Key Feature Key Benefit Key Benefit Key Benefit Key Benefit

Highly customisable & structured user interface with intuitive operation

Automatic download of data when LogTag is inserted into interface

Wide range of export options including PDF, Excel & Web

Automated tasks including emailing multiple recipients & FTP upload

Multi-chart feature for viewing several LogTags simultaneously

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LogTag® Analyzer software provides an easy to use, powerful platform for configuring any LogTag® recorder product before deployment and for data analysis when the recorder is retrieved.

Optional automatic download of data when a new LogTag® is inserted into an interface, with quick-reconfiguration using same parameters.

LogTag® Analyzer is compatible with Windows 10 (32 & 64bit), Windows 8 (32 & 64bit) and Windows 7 (32 & 64bit) Network Administrator Installation files and documentation available for easy deployment in server environments.

Data automatically saved when downloaded to prevent loss of important information

Microsoft® WHQL Certified and digitally signed USB drivers available via Windows Update.

Data can be displayed as a chart, data list or in an easy to understand report format.

Support for Digital Signatures specifically in compliance to FDA 21 CFR Part 11 via optional Digital Signatures Support Suite.

Data Management in your hands

Rather than creating a proprietary and therefore closed system forcing customers into high subscription costs, LogTag Recorders has provided two vehicles so you can create your own data management solution, each with an easy implementation inside LogTag Analyzer. Can’t decide which one to use? Enable both methods!

Automatic Email
Automatic Email (SMTP)

Live data from shipping points arrive in your inbox as they are checked in at each destination. Keep track & sort through individual shipping sites easily based on email subject lines. Fully automated without the hassle of staff forgetting to hand in shipment data.

Automatic FTP
Automatic Upload (FTP)

Store data centrally with access from different sites. Security of automated backups within your existing network infrastructure. Avoid cluttering your inbox & duplicate files throughout your organisation.

Software partners
System Partners

For those who want a more sophisticated data management solution, LogTag recorders has partnered with two companies, who provide integrated data management services.

Procuro website
LogTag Data website

2.8 release 2

  • Added support for USRIC-8M, UTRIX-16M and UTRID-16 recorders
  • Configuration logs: Added multi-alarm support
  • TRED configuration and profile advanced settings now allow setting quick start/stop action
  • Added message when USB recorder in Bootloader mode is detected
  • Change colour of alarm lines for lower alarms in report to blue
  • iS0Tag Day Summary text file export: Corrected trigger time calculation
  • Corrected manual scaling bug in Report (repeated manual scaling applied to all charts narrowed down zoomed indices incorrectly)
  • Changed error message for corrupted sensor calibration checksum to "Error in sensor configuration", instead of "Unsupported configuration"
  • Corrected x-axis position calculation of last skipped reading in USB recorders when pre-start readings present, and the first after-start readings are USB connected
  • Corrected UTRID configuration: Always enable alarm status tick/cross display during recording
  • Corrected LogTag Wizard for UTRID

LogTag® Analyzer User Manual

For a fully detailed guide on using all the features of LogTag® Analyzer software.

Click here to download the LogTag® Analyzer User Manual
What's new in LogTag® 2.8

View what changes and new features are now available in LogTag® Analyzer 2.8

Click here to download the LogTag® 2.8 What's New PDF

Example LTD Files

Example .ltd files

Example .ltd files are available for download which can be opened with LogTag Analyzer to preview how the software operates.

Click here to download Example-LTD-Files.zip (16.6kb)
Software Support
LogTag® Analyzer FAQ/Troubleshooting

Get answers to your questions 24/7 by visiting our 24/7 resource and support section.

Click here to view the LogTag® Analyzer FAQ & support area
Distributing Global User Settings

This section details how settings are copied from User1 to User2 on the same PC and from one PC to a different PC

Click here to download the LogTag® Analyzer Network App Note
Advanced SMTP setup

A regular SMTP setpup may not work if the SMTP server cannot be directly addressed. This guide covers two methods which provide an alternative when the SMTP server cannot be contacted.

Click here to download the LogTag® Analyzer Network App Note
Importing Option settings via an XML file

LogTag® Analyzer's option settings can be defined by importing a well-formed XML file

Click here to download the LogTag® Analyzer Network App Note
Adding a Custom Logo to Reports and PDF files

You can change the LogTag logo that appears in the top left corner of the report tab and the PDF export to your own custom logo.

Click here to download the LogTag® Analyzer Network App Note
COM Port Settings

A new registry key can be used to revert the way COM ports are detected to the method used in earlier versions of LogTag® Analyzer.

Click here to download the LogTag® Analyzer Network App Note
Temporary Folder

The PDF creation library used by LogTag® Analyzer requires the temporary folder to be local to the computer on which it is running.

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Accessing LogTag Data with Multiple Users

Sharing data between multiple users on a single PC can easily be setup in the File and Folder tab of the Edit - Options dialogue by entering a shared folder in the Folder entry field...

Click here to download the LogTag® Analyzer Network App Note
Installing LogTag Analyzer on Legacy Operating Systems

To install LogTag Analyzer on older operating systems, such as Windows XP and Windows Vista, you can no longer use the *.exe installer file

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